If you’ve heard anything about the speech that President Trump gave in Ohio Monday, it’s probably the bit where he called out Democrats for not standing during his State of the Union address and applauding.

Here’s the Jim Acosta take:

… and here’s the actual clip, courtesy of BuzzFeed, which gives some context to the remarks. It’s well worth less than a minute of your time to compare the audio to the tweet directly beneath.

We kind of agree with Stepman here. Trump is known to ad lib when he connects with an audience, but he has to know how a joke like that will be blown out of proportion in the media. Was it “treasonous” for Dems to sit on their hands during the State of the Union? Absolutely not — but that’ll fill the weekly news cycle just fine; they weren’t interested in the rest of the speech anyway.

Bill Kristol, editor at large of The Weekly Standard, suggests that Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi might want to draw up a resolution censuring Trump for using the term “un-American” and getting Republican leadership to co-sponsor.

Yeah, we see the point, but then again we’ve also seen The Resistance, the antifa, serial impeachment attempts, and the Women’s March become normalized over the same period of time, with nary a word of criticism from the media or Democrats, so …


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