As the saying goes, when it comes to Trump, there’s a tweet for everything, so there just had to be a tweet somehow befitting the drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average Monday. This was that tweet:

The only thing is … that tweet is fake.

Still, it was retweeted at least 13,000 times by Twitter luminaries ranging from the executive editor of Bloomberg View to Rosie O’Donnell.

Senior advisor to Hillary Clinton Philippe Reines played it cool though; even though he’d retweeted the fake tweet, he didn’t delete it, but instead played up how convincing of a fake it was.

So how did Reines fall for it?

Someone deserves creativity points, and that would be Reines for trying to spin falling for a fake tweet. Did we mention how many journalists fell for this thing too?

We bet Alan Grayson would have caught this in a second if he had kept that gig with Politifact.


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