Shame on Ana Navarro for this:

Seems Ana thought it was funny to post a fake image of Lebron James wearing a t-shirt hating on Trump.

From Fox News:

CNN analyst Ana Navarro tweeted and then deleted a fake image of NBA star LeBron James wearing a shirt with the middle finger on it that referred to President Trump as a “son of a b—h” on Wednesday.

“Freedom of expression Makes America Great. Whether u approve or not, we’re free to wear this. Could get u jailed or killed in some place,” Navarro wrote as the caption to her tweet that accompanied a fake photo of James wearing the anti-Trump shirt.

She even got sanctimonious and said it was freedom of expression and making America great. Classy.

Ana did delete the tweet and apologize …

But c’mon, if your Trump Derangement Syndrome has gotten that far, you need to take a break.

And speaking of needing a break:

He was responding to this from Dan Scavino Jr.:

Fair point, when will Brian call it out? Oh wait, he won’t.

By the way, here’s the real photo.

C’mon Ana, be better.


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