Donald Trump is no doubt trembling in his boots right now. Why? Because Scott Dworkin — Democratic Coalition co-founder and concerned citizen for Hillary — and his mighty Resistance™ warriors are coming for him:

More from The Wrap:

The Democratic Coalition — the political group that filed an ethics complaint against Donald Trump over the weekend — has filed a second complaint with the Department of Justice Tuesday, TheWrap has learned.

The group is asking the DOJ whether the president violated federal law when he called on NFL owners to fire players who kneel in protest during the national anthem.

“Since there are both ethical and criminal components to President Trump’s actions in this case, we have filed formal complaints with both OGE and DOJ,” Democratic Coalition chairman Jon Cooper told TheWrap. “Considering the serious nature of this matter, it is our expectation that the complaints will receive full and fair consideration by both agencies.”

That’s your expectation, huh? Well, then, prepare to be horribly disappointed.

Scott’s fire emojis are certainly appropriate, as this effort to take out Trump is guaranteed to go down in flames.



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