As Twitchy reported earlier Monday, President Donald Trump had something new for those who had fits over his retweet of a GIF showing him wrestling a CNN logo; this time it was a retweet of his golf swing managing to bean Hillary Clinton as she boarded a plane.

One can argue how “presidential” it is to retweet animated GIFs, but we also remember when it was forbidden to question Hillary Clinton’s health or stamina, even when she was hacking her way through a campaign appearance or being loaded into an SUV for a quick trip to Chelsea’s apartment/ER.

Plenty said that they’d reported the president to Twitter for promoting violence, but Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, founded “with the main goal of making sure that Donald Trump never became President,” wants people to consider the ramifications of that violence. Were that animated GIF real, Hillary would certainly be dead.

Dworkin might have a point — that plane Clinton was boarding was departing from Yemen, so assuming Trump drove the golf ball from one of his U.S. golf courses, or even Scotland … it really could have been lethal, assuming it didn’t burn up re-entering the atmosphere.

Clinton’s health is never to be questioned, ever. The election didn’t change that rule.

* * *