You’d think the Left would remember how badly it went the LAST time they threw a fit over Donald Trump posting a meme on Twitter.


These people.

Seriously dude?


Because it’s JUST A MEME.

Even Alyssa Milano got in on the reporting:

Was it something a president should tweet? No. Is this the first time Trump has tweeted something like this? No. Does it change the fact that the meme is still just a meme and doesn’t promote violence against women? No.

But it’s a GOLF BALL, you monster!

HEY, meme violence is real!

*OMG we’re dying here*

Well now they’ve gone and done it. The reporting shall never end!

Wouldn’t count on it.

Because Trump tweeted a MEME DAMMIT!

Honestly we can’t figure out how these people spend so much time being outraged over nothing. It is EXHAUSTING.


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