It would be wrong to revel in someone else’s emotional pain, but at this point, we have to wonder what the atmosphere would be like at Chelsea Manning’s “victory party” on election night — that would make Hillary’s bash at the Javits Center look like Mardi Gras.

OK, we laughed.

As Twitchy reported last week, Manning crashed “A Night for Freedom,” an alt-right event she described in a tweet as a “fascist/white supremacist hate brigade party.” There was quite a backlash from liberals who didn’t buy that Manning was “intel gathering” but hobnobbing, and it seems to have taken its toll.

Rough crowd.

You know it’s bad when the emoji have disappeared.

Glenn Greenwald’s still in her corner:

What do you people want, anyway?


Take THAT 2017! Chelsea Manning tried crashing Mike Cernovich’s event and it just got really weird