As Twitchy reported, the House Intelligence Committee voted along party lines Monday to release the Devin Nunes memo to the public.

President Trump will have to approve the memo for public release, and that could take days. Monday night’s business, of course, was for Democrats to get in front of TV cameras and destroy committee chair Nunes.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi found her way onto CNN, where she told Chris Cuomo that Nunes is “a stooge of the White House.”

We hate to keep harping on it, but Rep. Ted Lieu, who’s seen the memo, compared it to Geraldo Rivera’s disastrous opening of Al Capone’s vault on live TV. So there’s nothing there, right? Or is it chock full of lies that will manage to deceive the American public?

Rep. Adam Schiff was also very busy working the cable news outlets, appearing with Anderson Cooper and calling the release of the Nunes memo “a really disgraceful act.”

That’s not true — the Democrats do have abortions after 20 weeks on their list of legislative victories, and they don’t have their hands bloody from that GOP tax plan that killed countless Americans.

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There sure were a lot of Democrats through the revolving door at CNN Monday. Here’s Rep. Jim Himes telling Wolf Blitzer the Republicans “declared war today on our national security.”


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