We can only guess Chelsea Manning thought crashing the ‘A Night for Freedom’ event would somehow boost her campaign efforts. Either that or she/he was just really bored and thought she could score some free grub and take a selfie to post with a bunch of emoji.

Look how close to the ‘exit’ Chelsea was when she/he took this selfie.

Someone needs to tell Chelsea to lay OFF the black eyeliner, it just makes her/him look like a second-cousin twice removed from the Twilight family.

Luckily Charlie Warzel was actually at the event and could report the ‘festivities’ around Manning’s attendance:

Only hats? No t-shirts?


Guest or party crasher? Or opportunist felon with nothing else better to do on a Saturday night?

She/he even took a selfie with a thumbs-down to prove her/his distaste for the event.


Hard to crash an event when the people attending the event just think it’s hilarious that you showed up in the first place.


Look up at the top of the article, Manning posted a selfie.


And you thought 2017 was lit.


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