Markos Moulitsas of The Daily Kos really has a knack for timing. On Friday, he tweeted this in response to a story saying that RNC finance chair Steve Wynn was not considering resigning over reports of sexual misconduct:

Not only did he manage to make that assertion just as news was breaking that Hillary Clinton had kept an aide on staff during her 2008 campaign despite allegations of sexual harassment — he also misread the cards: on Saturday, the RNC announced that it had accepted Wynn’s resignation.

OK, so maybe the Republicans do boot their harassers.

Will the Trump campaign and Republican candidates return Wynn’s money? People have been pretty anxious to know for the last couple of days.

Trump, sex, and probe are three words we didn’t need to see together, like, ever.

Our guess? Yes, the RNC will return the money … and if it doesn’t, we’ll certainly hear about it.

Yep, everyone should give the money back.

Exit questions:


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