It’s kind of amazing how many of those urging Twitter to ban President Trump from tweeting are the same ones who feel obligated to reply to each and every one of his tweets. They could just unfollow, but we suppose they consider it monitoring the enemy’s movements or something.

On Saturday morning, Trump tweeted that his career accomplishments might qualify him as a genius, and of course that tweet managed to preoccupy the media/Democrats and celebrities all day long. Here’s Rep. Ted Lieu:

Writer Stephen King didn’t tag Trump in his tweet saying essentially the same thing as Lieu, but the inspiration is obvious.

“Dilbert” creator Scott Adams thinks he caught King in one of Trump’s many Twitter traps.

Adams certainly isn’t wrong — it’s all people can talk about, and this is after the mainstream media devoted most of the week to suggesting Trump was mentally unfit to serve after his “nuclear button” tweet.

It’s really is a trap: he tweets, and they’re helpless to ignore it.

Yep … all we’ll be seeing all day, even from the haters, are the words “Trump” and “genius.”

That certainly managed to change the headlines from, “Democrats question if Trump mentally fit to serve.”


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