Aside from CNN’s perpetual updates on that truck blocking their view of the golf course, it might have been a slow night for news … that is, until President Trump decided to tweet, and the firefighters in the media rushed to their posts.

Ben Shapiro, as usual, gets it.

Aren’t they? The journalists at CNN seem to have been hardest hit by this latest Trump tweet, but they weren’t alone. Suddenly, after decades of reporting every extreme weather event as the result of global climate change, reporters deemed it necessary to remind the American public that there’s climate change, and then there’s weather.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza was ON IT.

Oh really? Please, tell us more!

Incontrovertible evidence, you say? As opposed to all of the media outlets that pretend a single study (not a survey) claiming a 97 percent scientific consensus on man-made climate change is incontrovertible evidence that climate change is real? The science is settled, remember?

The best part is that CNN’s Cillizza offered a USA TODAY story to explain the difference between weather and climate — must have been too much digging on CNN’s website to find something comparable.

Who else was triggered by Trump’s tweet? CNN’s Abby D. Phillip helpfully forwarded this tweet to @realDonaldTrump.

Here’s CNN’s Ryan Struyk:

Yeah, we know … Cillizza just explained it to us.

CNN’s Dan Merica:

Yeah, but just “a little bit” of it, OK? Don’t ignore the context.

Here’s CNN’s Jeremy Diamond:

CNN’s Brian Stelter:

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin decided to link to USA Today as well.

We told you everyone rushed to man his battle station. Trump tweet incoming!

Even the dictionary was triggered:

Keep warm out there.



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