No one’s sure anymore why the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin still lists herself as a “conservative blogger” in her Twitter bio. Maybe she’s still slightly more conservative than the most liberal writers on staff there? And that’s a big maybe.

Rubin’s target Thursday was Ivanka Trump, who has been touting the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as good for middle America. To make her slam on Ivanka connect, Rubin consulted the liberal (of course) Center on Budget and Policy Priorities for her numbers showing that a minimum-wage worker making $14,500 would only get a $75 tax credit under the current bill.

“Seventy-five bucks would probably cover Trump’s lunch tab at her father’s club,” Rubin writes, “but really does nothing for those low-income families.”

So, that minimum wage worker probably wouldn’t even bother to cash that $75 check, huh.


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