It was no secret that Twitter was 100 percent on board with #NetNeutrality, but now that the internet as we knew it is dead thanks to a vote to “gut” net neutrality, Twitter Public Policy is using its power of free expression to call it a body blow to free expression.

Twitter Public Policy can continue to fight the misguided decision to repeal net neutrality provisions, but first, could we all just get an edit button?

Believe us: there’s plenty of free expression on Twitter — a lot of it bullying by the Twitter-verified blue-check brigade. Twitter certainly hasn’t figured out how to get that under control.

It’s true that online companies from Etsy to Pornhub did what they could to protest the repeal of net neutrality — what will happen to them now?

Told you. Was net neutrality the reason Twitter couldn’t implement an edit button since 2015?

Twitter users using their free expression to troll Twitter Public Policy for being a drama queen — that’s peak 2017.

* * *


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