After calling Rep. John Conyers an “icon” on “Meet the Press” Sunday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke with one of Conyers’ accusers. She then issued a statement saying she believed the accusations and described them as “unacceptable and disappointing.”

Since then, another former staffer came forward and leveled additional accusations:

On Tuesday evening, a former spokesman for Conyers offered up what was likely supposed to be a defense of the congressman; he often changes his clothes in his office, so plenty of staffers have walked in on him while he’s been undressed.

Though there’s been talk of trying to force Conyers out, on Wednesday, the AP reported that Conyers isn’t going anywhere, at least according to an attorney.

But what about his actions being “unacceptable”? Well, it looks like Sen. Al Franken managed to weather the storm and was able to get by with just an apology of sorts — maybe Conyers is trying to see if he can skate without the apology?

Apparently he doesn’t know if his door has a lock, as staffers routinely walk in on him in various stages of undress.

* * *


So, is THIS why so many of Rep. John Conyers’ staffers have seen him in his underwear?