An attorney for Rep. John Conyers has said the 88-year-old Democratic congressman has no plans to resign following allegations of sexual harassment, and a former spokesman tried to explain that plenty of staffers have seen the lawmaker undressed, as he often changes clothes in his office.

But that excuse pales in comparison to this one.

No way. Rep. James Clyburn really brought up Susan Smith, the white woman who drowned her own children and then claimed a black man had carjacked her? And then noted that the women who have accused Conyers are white?

Clyburn says the story is inaccurate, but Draper, a writer for The New York Times Magazine, insists his sourcing is solid.

How did the name Susan Smith even come up, then?

Amazing. If Clyburn has some further proof that the story is inaccurate, he might want to produce it.

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Jim Clyburn’s ‘unpopular point’ on sexual harassment gives Nancy Pelosi a new headache