Rep. Cedric Richmond, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and Rep. Jim Clyburn are under fire right now on Twitter over comments the two made to reporters on their colleague, Rep. John Conyers and whether or not he should resign.

First up in the video below is Richmond, who naively asks if there are any examples of men outside of Congress who’ve been fired or resigned amidst allegations. When reporters starting going down the list, including Matt Lauer this morning, Rep. Clyburn asks, “who elected them?”


Now Clyburn is making an “unpopular” but “defensible” point here: Voters do have the ultimate say:

But Clyburn’s tone isn’t sitting well with the blue-check mob:

Also of note, Richmond was the guy who made a remark about Kellyanne Conway “on her knees” during that Oval Office photo with Trump and the CBC:

And Clyburn has his own issue as it relates to Conyers:

In summary, this ==>

And it’s time for Congress to act to make its members more accountable and transparent: