“No illness, no scandal, no firing,” GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann says near the end of the latest episode of “The Resistance,” in which he announces that he’s retiring from political commentary “in all media venues.” He concludes, “I’ve said what I had to say.”

There’s no point in subjecting yourself to any of the video that follows, but skipping to the last couple of minutes makes it pretty clear this is not a bit, or a trick to drum up ratings. Turns out Olbermann, like the rest of us, would like to enjoy life a little bit, and he thinks Donald Trump’s impending removal from office is something he can enjoy from the sidelines.

It’s true that he’s said everything he can say; he even weighed in on such topics as #KoiGate, managing to insult Japan’s prime minister while taking a swing at Trump over some fish food.

The best part is the “all media venues” disclaimer. And that would include … Twitter and the videocast the looks like it’s shot in his mom’s basement?

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