There’s a video flying around purported to be of Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden from 2003 that’s being used to call into question her bombshell allegation against the senator from Minnesota. As Tweeden said the incident with Franken happened in a skit written for her in 2006, this video could poke a hole in her narrative.

But, surprise! It’s a lie.

The woman in the video below isn’t Tweeden at all. Rather, it’s Karri Turner from the show, “JAG,” on lawyers in the US Navy. She even talks about her television husband, “Bud Roberts,” along with off-color references to “JAGoffs” in the clip below:

Here’s the full version from YouTube where Franken mentions Karri by name numerous times, as well as references to her TV show:

But why let facts get in the way…

Keith Olbermann shared the clip with his 1 milllion+ followers giving the bogus info a boost:

Time to delete the tweet, eh?

The account who posted the video to YouTube said he did it after hearing about Tweeden’s story last week:

I was compelled to upload this video after hearing today’s accusation that Senator Al Franken had inappropriate lewd contact with lingerie model and Fox Sports reporter Leeann Tweeden during a 2006 USO tour. In this clip from Christmas 2003, Al does the kissing scene with JAG actress Karri Turner and insinuates his Saddam Hussein caricature hid WMDs in her private parts while she was sleeping, all to the delight of us troops who react with cheers and laughter. Leeann Tweeden today said Al forcibly kissed and groped her backstage and posed for an unflattering photo while she slept. Franken admitted he was wrong and Tweeden accepted his apology, but my opinion is Al was playing to his audience and got swept up in “locker room” antics after the show, behaving vicariously with the swimsuit pin-up girl as the young male troops secretly wished we could have.

And here’s the obligatory screenshot for posterity: