On Saturday, President Donald Trump took yet another swipe at CNN, specifically CNN International.

It wasn’t long before CNN responded via Twitter.

CNN keeps throwing around its new “Fact First” slogan, but in this case, saving face seems to be coming first. On Monday afternoon, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer hosted a segment on the dangers that the network’s war correspondents face in gathering the news.

Something tells us, though, that the “fake news” label arose not from the network’s international coverage from war zones, but more from biased pundits and things like #KoiGate, in which CNN attempted to fashion an international incident out of President Trump feeding fish with Japan’s Shinzo Abe.

Looks like Trump touched a nerve (again).

CNN really needs to investigate why it’s even having to run its new “Facts First” campaign. Clue No. 1: The problem started before Trump.

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