Earlier, Twitchy reported on a disagreement Trump and CNN Communications had in front of well … everybody on Twitter. Here’s a reminder of Trump’s tweet in case you missed it (or just wanted to see it again for a laugh):

Someone else took note of the president’s tweet and decided to open his big mouth, again.

Look, we get it. During the election, there were Republicans who still didn’t want Trump to be president and McMullin was a decent distraction but at this point, he’s just become super annoying.

Defending CNN?

Guess if McMullin wants to tie himself to CNN in this way that’s his choice but it seems like a stupid, stupid move to us.

Let’s not pretend it’s Trump’s fault CNN has all but become the propaganda wing of the Democratic party.

Probably not the hill one wants to die on, McMuffin … er … McMullin.

Our bad.

EVERY time he baits them, they bite.



When does he register with the Democratic Party?

Again, we’re pretty sure this was a dumb tweet.

Tough crowd.


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