Ed Morrissey over at Twitchy sister site Hot Air has a piece summing up what we know about the “minor” assault on Sen. Rand Paul at his home that left him with five broken ribs. Was the attack politically motivated?

Those who know alleged assailant Rene Boucher describe him as a socialist and “pretty much the opposite of Rand Paul in every way.” However, Jonathan Martin of the New York Times is hearing that the assault might have had more to do with landscaping than politics.

That kind of … makes sense? Political differences can boil just under the surface, but neighbors and their yards? That’s a volatile combination. Or is Martin just doing what he can to downplay any political motivation?

Stay tuned … the FBI is on the case. And by the way — despite what you might have read from progressives after the Texas church shooting, Paul does appreciate the thoughts and prayers.

* * *