As Twitchy has reported, representatives of Google, Twitter, and Facebook were grilled on Capitol Hill this week over Russian attempts to influence the election, with legislators such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein warning them that they’d better do something about “misuse” of their social media platforms or the government would do it for them.

The House Intelligence Committee also displayed examples of Facebook posts that were paid for or promoted by Russia. Sen. Mark Warner posted this gem to his Twitter feed.

It’s uncertain just how many people flipped their support after seeing that meme of Hillary boxing Jesus, but The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein would like to get more information. He’s looking for people who were influenced by, say, the “Buff Bernie Coloring Book for Berniacs.”

Well? Anybody?

Excellent burn.

It’s come to this. They have to get SOMETHING out of a year’s worth of Russia hysteria.

* * *


Fake news? Here’s that pic of demon Hillary getting ready to fight Jesus brought to you by the Russians