You might have thought Lena Dunham had the hottest take on the Las Vegas mass shooting when she declared it was about gender and race and (after some prompting) capitalism, as well as access to guns.

She’s really an amateur, though, when it comes to real feminist thought. Andi Zeisler, you see, wrote the book “We Were Feminists Once” and co-founded Bitch Media, and she has the real hot take when it comes to gender and race.

See what the Washington Post did there? They tried to “normalize” alleged shooter Stephen Paddock by reporting that he was just a normal white guy who enjoyed normal white guy things, like country music and gambling.

This guy is not woke.

This actually is not a new complaint from progressives. Brown and black folk who commit similar crimes are immediately tagged as terrorists, they note, while white men like Dylann Roof get off as “loners” who are mentally ill.

Remember when Christopher Dorner, who was black, was killed in a standoff with police, but white boy and Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was taken alive? White privilege, yo. And now Stephen Paddock is getting the same treatment from the mainstream media.

Definitely tag DeRay in on this.

Hang on … we thought we weren’t supposed to care about the “Trumptards” who died at a country music concert of all places. Now we’re wondering about Tariq Nasheed’s theory that the shooting had to do with white supremacy. So many hot takes … it BURNS!

* * *