As reports continue to come out of Las Vegas, and the number of dead is still unknown, Tariq Nasheed was already on Twitter claiming the shooting was related to white supremacy.

Because so many minorities are often found at country music festivals.

At this point we can’t help but wonder if Nasheed is a parody.

Well when your whole narrative is blaming every evil in the world on white supremacy it comes naturally. Which is honestly just so pathetic.

Clearly the gunman targeted a bunch of white people because … wait, well …

We’re thinking Tariq may not have thought this one through.

OH FFS, now he’s trying to relate the gunman to Cliven Bundy?


Twitter saw fit to give Tariq a blue check, wouldn’t count on them taking much action against his tweets.


REPORT: At least 50 dead, 200 injured in mass shooting in Las Vegas during Route 91 music festival