Apologies in advance for yet another post about Ben Shapiro’s Thursday night speech at Berkeley, but the preparations being made are so ridiculous they can’t be overlooked.

To understand why businesses that surround the UC Berkeley campus are spooked, though, you don’t have to look any further back than February, when Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak on campus. That speech was canceled, and after rioters destroyed a good bit of the campus, they took their act on the road and into town.

The video below is from that night and shows black-clad rioters smashing Bank of America ATMs.

So it’s understandable why businesses in the area are closing up shop early and boarding up windows — even if it escapes all logic to say you’re rioting because the school is allowing notorious “white supremacist” Shapiro (or “Sharpiro”) to speak on campus.

In any case, here’s what appears to be the very same wall of ATMs being boarded up in anticipation of whatever might go down Thursday night. Remember, though, the antifa are just like World War II soldiers fighting off Nazis … except they do it by dressing in matching black hoodies and smashing store windows and spray painting graffiti like, “Kill Trump.”

All of those leftist entertainers should have just skipped the telethon for Houston and held a fundraiser to pay for the damage their fans plan to do to Berkeley because of a speaker with whom they (think they) disagree.

The mayor seems a little … conflicted over this whole “free speech” thing. Maybe this time will be different?

* * *