Earlier Twitchy reported on mayor of Berkeley, Jesse Arreguin tweeting out that hate speech wouldn’t be allowed in Berkeley, and then mere hours later tweeting that violence and destruction solve nothing.

It was rather hilarious honestly, that whole “tweets have consequences” thing?

Well, not to be outdone by his EARLIER nonsense, Mayor Arreguin tweeted a statement about the riots, condemning the violence he all but incited.

“The ultra-nationalist far right”? REALLY?  Oh, and he represents a city that stands up for community and inclusion, as long as you agree with their politics and what they say. If you dare speak out or think differently you are immediately a bad person who uses hate speech.

And this guy is a mayor.

Seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Didn’t he also call for law enforcement to stand down?


Tough crowd, eh mayor?

Mayor Snowflake? Not bad.


CLUELESS Mayor of Berkeley Jesse Arreguin tweets BS about hate speech, regret-tweets 3 hours later