Here at Twitchy, we’ve been leaning heavily on the Twitter feed of American Commitment president Phil Kerpen to keep us up-to-date on the bribery trial of Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez — coverage in the big newspapers and on the cable networks has been tough to come across, and even then, getting the (D) to sit next to his name in news reports is posing a challenge.

Kerpen had a theory Monday to account for the believe that a Democrat senator’s corruption trial isn’t a Top 5 story — maybe it just don’t have the sort of visuals that pop on TV screens. Fortunately, he also found a workaround: reports:

The government has also accused the senator of helping four women, three of them described by prosecutors as the doctor’s girlfriends, secure visas to enter the company.

In the case of Rosiell and Korall Polanco Suero, then 22 and 18, [ophthalmologist Salomon] Melgen had already sent a letter to government officials asking them to grant tourist visas to the women, whom he pledged to ensure returned to the Dominican Republic after their visit. That letter was subsequently followed by one from Menendez to the consul general in the country, encouraging him to consider their applications.

Hmm …

Don’t forget that Menedez reportedly asked for a change to the trial schedule so he could be in D.C. for key votes, a request that didn’t fly either.

And there you go. No more excuses about interesting visuals; you could even slot in the Paris skyline during the segment.