As Twitchy reported earlier, Kellyanne Conway took a lot of flak from journalists and others when she retweeted a story about the New York Times running a piece on Sen. Bob Menendez and his corruption trial and never mentioning his party affiliation. The thing is, she was right; the word “Democrat” was quietly added to the story after the omission was brought to the writer’s attention.

Now, the managing editor of NewsBusters has busted the Associated Press for labeling Menendez a Republican. The piece ran on the NBC News website Wednesday afternoon.

The thing is, anyone who knows anything about Sen. Bob Menendez knows damn well he’s not a Republican by any stretch: NARAL gave him a 100 percent rating last year, and he earned a 0 percent rating from the Gun Owners of America, just for example.

In addition to a stealth edit similar to that offered by the New York Times, NBC News did append a correction to the piece.

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