Even if it’s not considered a “top five” story by the mainstream media, the corruption trial of New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez is underway, and Kellyanne Conway took some heat Tuesday on social media for retweeting a piece from The Daily Caller and claiming that the New York Times made no mention of Menendez’s party affiliation in its piece on the trial published Monday.

Free Beacon reporter Alex Griswold captured some screenshots of the backlash against Conway for making such a claim. Reporters from POLITICO and CNN, along with Joan Walsh, had no problem finding the word “Democrat” right up front.

The thing is, the claim was made by The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson, who noted the omission Monday night in the story that Conway retweeted. And the author of the New York Times piece even admitted that he’d added in Menendez’s party affiliation in an update late Monday. The CEO of the Texas Tribune made note of the omission in a tweet.

And there you have the writer of the piece himself tweeting Monday night that he was going to “add back” the fact that Menendez is a Democrat.

And if that’s not enough proof, a scan of the piece at change-tracking site NewsDiffs shows that, yes, “Democrat” was a late addition to the story, which earlier had referred to Menendez simply as “a senior senator”:

So both The Daily Caller and Kellyanne Conway had it right all along, and the writer of the piece admitted it … but Conway was still trashed by pro journalists who balk at the label “fake news.”

So … who’s on trial here? Conway? Or Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez?

* * *


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