We’re not the only ones who have been getting a good laugh out of the launch of Hillary superfan Peter Daou’s new project, Verrit.

It’s been a few days now, and we think Verrit is some kind of combination social media trading card and website; read the cool fact on the trading card, and then enter the 7-digit authentication code at the website to confirm it’s true. It it doesn’t pop up, it’s counterfeit. No more chance of a candidate like Hillary being sunk by fake news … and Russia, and James Comey, and Bernie Sanders, and WikiLeaks, and sexism, and …

The Daily Beast is anything but a conservative site, but even politics reporter Asawin Suebsaeng couldn’t help but ask:

Good point. But now that somebody asked, what is the point of Peter Daou?

That’s what we were thinking, but Suebsaeng seems to be confused, still, about the point of Verrit. After all, Daou is trying to undercut right-leaning media outlets like The Daily Beast by offering “authenticated” red meat to Hillary’s 65.8 million voters.

Uh-oh … it looks like POLITICO isn’t big on “shameless propaganda rag” Verrit either:

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