As Twitchy mentioned, Peter Daou’s rollout of Verrit, the social media thingie he co-founded with his wife, was met with quite a bit of skepticism. Was his “media platform” for the 65.8 million who voted for Hillary in 2016 just an echo chamber into which fellow Clinton superfans could yell to each other?

Not really, he seemed to suggest. Rather, the platform would consist of “verrits,” little index cards of a sort containing quotes, statistics, and such, marked with a 7-digit identification code that could be “authenticated” at the main website. They look something like this:

It’s only been a couple of days, but people still seem to be wondering about the point of the 7-digit authentication code. Apparently the code is to help stem the inevitable flood of “counterfeit” verrits onto the Internet. If your code doesn’t pull up the supporting facts in the database, it’s a FAKE.

So now the GOP can’t run some underground operation cranking out counterfeit verrits, which is obviously while Hillary lost in 2016.

Sounds legit.

Keep laughing, haters! Your ridicule just gives Daou validation.

Who doesn’t love punching a 7-digit code from a social media post into a website to check it against a verified database?

* * *