Hillary Clinton is promoting a new venture called Verrit which is billed as a “media platform for the 65.8 million” people who voted for her in the 2016 election:

But what the heck is it?

From the looks of it, this “media platform” allows users to create cards with quotes on them:

Game. Changer? The key difference is someone is going to verify each of these stupid cards:

Verrit collects and contextualizes noteworthy facts, stats, and quotes for politically engaged citizens. Each “verrit” is a verified item of information marked with a 7-digit identification code. To authenticate a verrit, enter the code in the search bar and match it to our database.

But they’re already taking conservatives out of context:

Some verification process.

In other words, it’s just a giant bubble for like-minded people:

Verrit is the brainchild of Hillary superfan Peter Daou and his wife:

You see, Hillary superfans need their own media platform  because they are underrepresented in the current media landscape:

Nobody is talking about these things?

Verrit is also needed to protect Hillary voters from Bernie voters, apparently:

You can read the rest of Daou’s tweet storm here.