As Twitchy reported, Hillary Clinton is on board with superfan Peter Daou’s new media thingamabob, Verrit. Apparently it’s some sort of social media platform with “verified” (if out-of-context) quotes and statistics that are cross-referenced in a database — it fact-checks itself. At least, that’s what we think it might be.

At least one journalist we know of has said it’s a bad idea to fight Fox News with a “progressive” equivalent (no one tell MSNBC). Others have outright said the idea sucks — or at least that’s what we presume after reading Daou’s response to the Internet’s impression of his new baby.

Yo haterz, when you tell Daou he and his idea suck, it only validates him — so, by all means, keep validating him.

Or, it can devolve, lurching to the hard left and making Bernie Sanders look like … well, Hillary Clinton. Hello, Harris/Gillibrand 2020!

* * *