Fox News, founded in 1996, hasn’t been around all that long when you consider CNN was launched all the way back in 1980. Does Fox News have a conservative bias? Heck, yeah — that’s one of the reasons it’s been such a success. And one key to success in a free market is to provide a service that isn’t already widely available — not to mention one that people are willing to pay for (see Air America for how that worked out).

New York magazine and HuffPost contributor Yashar Ali created a mini-thread on Twitter Saturday in response to news that Hillary superfan Peter Daou and his wife had launched something called Verrit, a media platform for Clinton’s “unrepresented” voters.

We can’t say we disagree with any of that, apart from the suggestion that there aren’t plenty of progressive versions of Breitbart and Fox News out there, including HuffPost.

True enough. Some, though, seem to believe there is no progressive alternative to Breitbart and Fox News. Even Alec Baldwin was fuming this spring that MSNBC was swinging too far to the right, and this summer, Mark Ruffalo threw his weight behind a petition telling MSNBC to stop its “white conservative hiring spree.”

Once more, just for laughs: Daou actually claimed he co-founded Verrit because Hillary voters “are unrepresented in the media.”

They ARE the media.

* * *


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