We’re old enough to remember Alec Baldwin on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” before the election of Donald Trump, when he was playing a pedophile scout leader trying to seduce Adam “Canteen Boy” Sandler. That was right around the same time that Brian Williams signed on with NBC and was on his way to becoming the network’s news anchor.

Times have changed, and things might get awkward were Baldwin and Williams to meet up at the water cooler, particularly after MSNBC handed over the breaking news of the air strike against Syria to Williams, who seemed intent on somehow working the lyrics of “First We Take Manhattan,” which he co-wrote with Leonard Cohen, into his coverage. “The beauty of our weapons” is not something MSNBC viewers wanted to hear.

Did MSNBC ever intend to jerk to the right, especially after leaning forward so far that a bunch of its shows fell right off the network?

Oh, you are blocked, you rude, thoughtless little pig.