For a while we were certain that CNN’s White House correspondent was angling for a job as the network’s new anchor, but more and more we’re wondering if he’d like to keep his current gig and be the White House press secretary as well, so he could answer his own questions and cut out the middleman.

As Twitchy reported Monday, the wrangling over disaster relief for victims of unprecedented flooding in Houston has already begun, with Rep. Pete King of New York already zinging Sen. Ted Cruz for voting against the pork-filled Sandy relief bill and suggesting he won’t stoop that low when it comes time to bail out Texas.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday morning jumped into the fray, disputing a piece in The Hill in which Cruz defended his vote, citing the ridiculous amount of pork stuffed into the bill.

Acosta had Cuomo’s back, paraphrasing his tweet later in the day in response to his own report.

So all of the pork stuffed into the Sandy relief bill shouldn’t be considered pork?

Maybe another news network has some reliable coverage of the Sandy relief bill he could Google.

He’s not pretending anymore; again, from here it sure looks like a play for a less fact-based position at CNN.

* * *