Well this is helpful …

As rain continued to fall on Texas, Rep. Pete King was on Twitter taking stabs at Senator Ted Cruz because HEY, that makes total sense when Texas is in a state of emergency.

Who knew Pete King was such an ass?

Pete must think people are just that ignorant or forgetful because we all know the Sandy Relief Bill was filled with pork spending that had NOTHING to do with helping NY/NJ.

Barely 20% of the monies they put into that bill would have helped those in actual need, the rest was allocated for pet projects. So the real villains in all of this were the people who thought their projects should be funded on the backs of Sandy victims.

But it’s not politically easy to point out the reality, is it, Pete? More fun to just attack Cruz for political points.

Sure looks that way.

Pete saw an opportunity to play politics with the lives of Texans.


We know that, but far too many Americans don’t and will think Pete’s being honest.

Very sad.

Rep. Pete King owes Ted Cruz an apology.

Like yesterday.


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