Because nothing is more helpful during a natural disaster than a progressive journo spreading lies and fake information to push her anti-Trump narrative.

Just wow, Joy.

All she had to do was a basic search on Google to know she was REALLY REALLY REALLY wrong.

Unless she didn’t care about being wrong.

  • FEMA Director: Brock Long
  • NOAA Head: Benjamin Friedman
  • DHS Head: Elaine Duke


Shhh. She’s rolling.

Oh she did sorta make a correction, but not really.

Joy would rather terrify Texans than admit she was just hating on Trump.


People are already afraid and panicked, but hey, let’s spread some more misinformation because it might hurt Trump.

Soulless indeed.

It’s all they know.

That too.

And all of this adds up to the biggest issue we face in social media, when the incorrect information is shared more than the corrected information.

Anything to push the narrative, even if it means putting more people in danger.

Every single time.