President Trump’s big announcement from Trump Tower in New York City Tuesday afternoon was supposed to be about infrastructure, but he managed to guarantee bridges and highways will receive next to no coverage on the cable news shows.

President Trump took a lot of grief Saturday —much of it from Senate Republicansfor whiffing his statement on the deadly violence in Charlottesville. While Trump condemned violence and bigotry coming from “many sides,” Senators urged him to “call evil by its name.”

On Monday, the president made another pass, specifically calling out the KKK, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists as “repugnant,” although this time, reporters criticized him for reading the statement from a teleprompter, under pressure from critics. It wasn’t from the heart, you see.

Tuesday brought Take 3, and this time President Trump managed to erase what little credit he was allotted for his statement Monday by repeating his assertion that there was blame on both sides.

He’s not entirely wrong: the fascists who make up the antifa have been swinging baseball bats and spraying pepper spray ever since his election at any gathering that doesn’t meet their standards. Heck, did anyone see what happened in Portland after Trump won the election?

Still, this wasn’t the time for anything but a denunciation of white supremacists; the time to call out the antifa for their violent tactics has passed. Honestly, it shouldn’t be this difficult to make a statement.

He might be right:

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