It seems like it was only Tuesday when people on social media were wishing Sen. John McCain was dead, would die quickly, or had been killed by his captors in Vietnam.

That attitude, of course, turned around quickly when McCain joined two other Republicans and all Democrats to vote against the so-called “skinny repeal” of Obamacare that would have repealed both the individual and employer mandate and revoked the medical equipment tax, among other things.

Conservatives like James Woods didn’t mince words in expressing their anger with McCain and the GOP in general, but just wait until they see Sens. McCain, Collins, and Murkowski decked out in the sweet super hero capes delivered to the offices of everyone who voted against the repeal effort by Planned Parenthood!

We’ve got to admit … we were pretty pissed off at McCain, but we’d likely realize what a heroic thing he’d done if he’d just throw that “I STAND WITH PLANNED PARENTHOOD” cape over his shoulders long enough for reporters to get some pics for posterity.

Come on, senators … we really, really, really would love to have a group photo of all of you on the Capitol steps wearing your “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” capes. You’re proud, right?

* * *