In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed reports that the missile just launched by North Korea was indeed an ICBM and called the launch “a new escalation” of the threat posed by the country.


While Tillerson called on the global community to take action to step up the pressure on North Korea, it was U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley who was taking the heat from the American public on social media over this tweet from earlier in the day:

Hey, we thought it was a pretty clever update to #ThanksObama, but apparently we were supposed to take it as whiny. It’s just proof, we suppose, that interpreting subtle things like dry humor is best left to professionals with blue check marks.

Now, see, Rep. Maxine Waters isn’t complaining about doing her job, which she seems to believe is leading chants of “Impeach 45” whenever the opportunity arises, or floating the possibly that President Trump be exiled.


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Haley later posted this photo to show, like, what a total bummer of a day she’s having at work.

OK, honestly, we swear … 30 seconds after we posted the photo above along with its caption, the folks at Mashable uploaded this gem:

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