First, some breaking news.

E! News has discovered a developing trend since the inauguration of President Donald Trump: it seems like every week, a celebrity is caught up in a “political firestorm,” from Stephen Colbert’s joke that Trump’s mouth was only good for being “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster,” to Kathy Griffin’s ISIS-inspired photo shoot with a bloody replica of Trump’s severed head, to Johnny Depp amusing the audience at the Glastonbury Festival with thoughts about Trump’s assassination.

Funny how all of those celebrity political firestorms always burn the same direction, isn’t it? And yet, when it comes to elections, out-of-town celebrities keep losing despite burning piles of money.

So, who’s up for another one of those cheaply shot and edited and light on hair and makeup (i.e., “authentic”) celebrity videos asking for your help? You know, like those super-effective spots trying to flip the Electoral College.

This time the cause is Planned Parenthood, and a whole bevy of celebrities ranging from Jennifer Lawrence to Lena Dunham to Judd Apatow to some other people we don’t recognize all share a single script showing how easy is it to use their script to call your senator.

We can’t blame anyone who can’t bear to watch, but the folks at LifeNews did, and the highlight of the video is the assertion that abortion “is the most basic of all human rights.” (It’s not clear if Gloria Steinem wanted to deliver that line in particular or if the spinner needle landed on her.)

* * *