“Under the Gun,” which as of this writing is enjoying a 100 percent “Fresh” rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, has already been proved beyond any doubt to have been deceptively edited to make a pro-gun group appear stumped by Katie Couric’s hard-hitting question on background checks.

The filmmakers weathered that outrage, but they might not be out of the woods yet. Ammoland reported this week that, in an interview with The Lip TV (no, we hadn’t heard of it either), director Stephanie Soechtig confessed that she sent one of the film’s Colorado-based producers to Arizona to purchase guns from a private seller.

Here’s the excerpt from the interview.

That producer succeeded in buying a Bushmaster rifle and three handguns without a background check. So, just where are those guns now? And does the producer realize that, by purchasing them, he committed a federal gun crime?

Bob Owens, editor of Twitchy sister site — no, make that protective older brother site — Bearing Arms launched into an epic Twitter rant Saturday. Will he or Ammoland receive a response, or do the filmmakers consider themselves off the hook, having confessed to the lesser offense of deceptive editing?

That would be Joshua A. Kunau, an “Under the Gun” producer who lives in Colorado, making him the most likely to have purchased the guns on the basis of Soechtig’s interview.

Unfortunately, that’s a big “if.” When former “Meet the Press” host David Gregory pulled a similar stunt by brandishing a high-capacity magazine on the air in violation of Washington, D.C. gun laws prohibiting its possession, TMZ reported than an ATF official gave Gregory the go-ahead, even after D.C. police denied a similar request.

Let’s knock on Door No. 2 and see if anyone’s home there.

Even though an investigation showed that Gregory clearly violated the law, D.C.’s attorney general declined to press charges, explaining that “a prosecution would not promote public safety in the District of Columbia nor serve the best interests of the people.” Maybe the ATF can lift that quote verbatim if it bothers to acknowledge this latest stunt in the name of gun control.