Oh dear … the plot grows ever thicker. David Gregory, currently under investigation for brandishing a high-capacity magazine on “Meet the Press,” may be guilty of not only violating DC gun laws, but of doing so intentionally. An email purportedly from the DC Metropolitan Police Department suggests that NBC inquired about using a high-capacity magazine for the “Meet the Press” segment and that the request was denied.


Officer Aziz Alali of the MPD Public Information Office further confirmed the authenticity of the e-mail, and gave me this statement by telephone:

“NBC contacted the Metropolitan Police Department inquiring if they could utilize a high acapcity [sic] magazine for thie [sic] segment. NBC was informed that that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and the request was denied. This matter is currently being investigate [sic] and I cannot get into any further specifics on this investigation.”

As Twitchy reported, a conservative lawyer has volunteered to defend Gregory on Second Amendment grounds. Sounds like Gregory might be wise to take him up on that offer.

(Hat tip: Legal Insurrection)



Gregory and “Meet the Press” staff may have received conflicting information about the legality of brandishing the contentious magazine:

According to TMZ, an official from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives told “Meet the Press” staff that Gregory could display the magazine on TV, provided that it was empty. The ATF official had reportedly been given the go-ahead by a DC police official. This, of course, contradicts the DC police’s statement that permission to display the magazine had been denied.

In any event, it sounds like rather than adhering to legal guidelines, NBC chose instead to go with the answer that best suited their propaganda mission. Evidently, in journo-tools’ minds, the law really doesn’t apply to them.



  • Bob Smooper

    Something doesn’t smell right here. I am thinking this might be a set-up by the Koch Brothers or a right-wing group.

    This fine man and great journalist is being targeted by vile people.

    • http://baldilocks-talking.blogspot.com/ Juliette Akinyi Ochieng


      • kch50428

        Obvious Troll is too obvious.. :)

        • LadyImpactOhio

          Oh come on. @MarkCooper was being sarcastic. Can’t you people recognize that?

          • $7610427

            Go read his other posts…not being sarcastic… He’s a troll.

    • NRPax

      Not bad, not bad. I nearly dinged you for using the Koch brothers, but it’s been a while since they were accused of anything.

      Personally, I think you should have gone for something a tad more original such as “Jewish Mind Control Lasers” made him bring the magazine to the studio.

      • Bob Smooper

        I think Dick Morris may be involved too.

        • NRPax

          Can you throw in the Shriners as long as you’re on a roll? I’d really love to see those tiny-car riding, funny hat wearing people involved in an evil plot.

          • Jack Deth

            To quote Matt Smith’s present “Doctor Who”:

            “It’s a fez. Fezzes are cool!”

    • mike_in_kosovo

      So, the Koch brothers or right wing group ‘got to him’ and forced him to buy the magazine and bring it into the studio, but then just let him make his point against it?
      Targeted by vile people… like the DC Police, you mean?

      The only thing ‘not smelling right’ is the bullshit you’re flinging.

    • $30423294

      I feel like we’re friends, Cooper. Can I call you “Coop”?

      Listen Coop, I had you pegged as a straight up democrat who came here strictly to raise a ruckus.

      But this comment has me thinking you’ve got a whole other deal going on.

      I think you’re messing with us on a whole other level. Am I right?

      • kch50428

        Illustrating the absurd with more absurdity? Obvious Troll is too obvious. :)

      • $7610427

        Mark is a fraud…he comes on here pretending to be an American. But, he’s a straight up liberal Brit!

        • wwbdinct

          Aha. Thanks for that. I hate Brits. Their dental hygiene sceeves me out. I’ll just ignore him from now on.

          • Bob Smooper

            You and Obama both hate Brits! Churchill turning in his grave

    • Vic Bell

      Do you still see all those black helicopters?

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      it was bush.
      maybe rove too, not sure yet.

    • hbnolikeee

      More likely it’s Bush’s fault.

    • lainer51

      maybe so, but if he is STUPID enough to fall for it, he deserves to be prosecuted… after all, he is a lib – can’t expect much in the “brain” department.

  • Jack Deth

    *I’m going to go all left wing, screaming anti-gun liberal for a moment.*

    “Perp Walk!…. Perp Walk!…. I want to see David Gregory surrounded by cops. Cuffed, frog marched with a jacket over his head and doing a Perp Walk!!!”

    I can dream, can’t I?

    • NRPax

      A good notion, actually. And in an ideal world, he’d be getting ready to learn his value in cigarettes.

      • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

        virginia slims…

        • NRPax

          Ouch. I’m man enough to admit that your pun didn’t occur to me.

          • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

            well TBH it wasn’t a really good one, not one of my best.
            I tried to fit 2 items into it (heh heh) and not sure I did well.

          • http://twitter.com/MaureenTMcClain Maureen T. McClain

            So, beat the drums and stay in contact with the DC police. LEt him be hoisted by his own petard, or at the least make NBC have to spend resources to keep him out of trouble.http://www.HappyChristmasWithGoogle.qr.net/j0NQ/Job2013=v13O9PsjDSM

    • ssenecal5000

      There is nothingin the alledged email that suggests NBC asked permission in advance, It’s just as likely they attempted to get retroactive permission post show

      • shimauma

        Emo Philips tells a story that when he was a kid, he prayed to God for a bicycle, but realized that God, in His wisdom, doesn’t work that way, so he stole a bike and asked God to forgive him. I bet that’s what David Gregory was doing.

    • lainer51

      but then Barry will say the cops acted “stupidly”!!!

  • traffic_robot

    My guess is the show pleads the magazine wasn’t fully assembled…?

    • Jack Deth

      Good point, traffic:

      Though the magazine only has four parts,

      The stamped and spot welded shell, or housing.
      A base plate.
      A spring,
      A guide assembly on which you stack ammunition.

      Looked fully assembled to me.

      • traffic_robot

        Yeah, you’re right, if you can see the baseplate and the guide assembly, chances are the spring is in there as well. I’ve only watched the clip on my tiny phone screen. This will be entertaining.

  • LadyMacKeltar

    NBC will fire Gregory to save face. Then CNN will hire Gregory to work with Piers Morgan. Their show will be called “Birds of a feather…”

    • gracepmc

      Kinda’ like the way the State Department handled the “Benghazi Four” who took the fall — apparently for a very short period of time.

    • hbnolikeee

      I think you meant Turds of a Feather.

      • ranchdancer

        nah it would be called Pissants

    • lainer51

      or Paranormal Activity

  • Rosie

    The people who want law-abiding citizens to lose their rights instead of focusing on preventing criminals from breaking the law and obtaining guns illegally break the law. I. Am. Shocked.

  • stuckinIL4now

    The law doesn’t apply to elitists. He’s in the “ruling” class. He’s an esteemed member of the Obamuh butt-kissing libturd scumplicit slimestream media. What more does he need?

  • http://twitter.com/tcot_ne Northeast Patriot

    Every time I see ‘[sic]’, I want to cringe and convulse.

  • Steve_J

    I hope the prosecute him to the fullest extent possible. What a dumbass.

  • http://twitter.com/jinx_mchue Severe Conservative

    Criminals ignore the law and liberals think they are above it. Screw them.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    I’d respect him if he was defying the stupid-ass 30 rd. mag ban that doesn’t take into account any actual facts about rifles. But no, he was just being a gun grabbing douche. So, beat the drums and stay in contact with the DC police. LEt him be hoisted by his own petard, or at the least make NBC have to spend resources to keep him out of trouble.

  • Womak1990

    D.C. police warned “Meet the Press” in advance that they couldn’t use a high-capacity magazine

    Officer Aziz Alali of the MPD Public Information Office … gave me this statement by telephone:

    “NBC contacted the Metropolitan Police Department inquiring if they could utilize a high [capacity] magazine for thie segment. NBC was informed that that possession of a high capacity magazine is not permissible and the request was denied. This matter is currently being investigate and I cannot get into any further specifics on this investigation.”

    That’s the point of calling for Gregory to be prosecuted, though — to highlight how gun regs frequently force cops to waste time hassling non-dangerous, otherwise law-abiding gun owners. Charging a guy for possessing a high-capacity magazine when he had neither a gun nor ammo with which to use it is an absurd illustration of policing the weapon instead of the “shooter.” In fact, given the publicity this has gotten online, maybe they don’t even need to charge him now. Maybe the mere possibility of it happening (or the possibility of Gregory having to address this on Sunday’s show) is so ridiculous that the point has already been made.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Ok so given that Gregory is so patriotic and concerned for the country, I’m quite sure that today he’s going to :
    1) turn himself in
    2) remove his kid(s) from that vile school that has all the armed guards and place them in a government school without disgusting guns .
    3) apologize profusely for having sent them to that school to begin with when the common everyday American isn’t granted the same level of protection.

  • Duane Perry

    As one of those left-wing screaming liberals it cracks me up to see Gregory being blasted after reading so many complaints about him on “other” sites that think he always goes too easy on conservatives.The “two sizes fits all” categorization of people into either “pry from my cold dead hands” or “kick down the door and confiscate” is handy if you need the world arranged that way but not the way we should approach policy.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Ah but “pry from my cold dead hands” is how the world is arranged since there is no way you’re going to confiscate 300 million weapons, especially given the Supreme Court ruling. Well, not unless you’re proposing implementation of the Nazi Weapons Act of 1938.

      Oh wait. We pretty much already have that in place or being pushed right now. Except for the Jew part, but I’m sure that [replace Jew with X} is right around the corner.

      You’ll pardon us if we have no confidence in this incompetent, corrupt, ridiculous, behemoth government who approved the student visas for Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi six months after they crashed into the WTC. And who, still to this day is mismanaging the registration of foreign students at flight schools.

  • Womak1990

    University of Texas law student leads the way in 3-D printable gun technology

    However, a law student at the University of Texas says new technology will soon change the regulatory landscape dramatically, and possibly make such regulation futile.

  • Dusquene Whistler

    His name is David? Oh brother, I’ve been calling him Dick Gregory all day.

  • ranchdancer

    good thing it wasn’t Hannity using the mag he’d be on trial as we speak

    • http://www.facebook.com/dangit Daniel Gonzalez

      you are right. or any conservative, biased program. I’ve decided that TV news or opinion shows are for ratings not the whole story. Must be entertaining. think that is why comedy and online news is at least sarcastic or amusing more truth. if you think anyone but the few that actually know would tell anyone. SICK of it all. time to go.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos don’t believe in following any laws. They love criminals and are criminals themselves.

  • Dont_California_ColoRado

    What I wouldn’t give to live in a nation where the laws applied to everyone. Maybe its time we all start picking and choosing which ones we’d like to follow. I’m tired of living under different rules than the elites.

  • http://insolublog.blogspot.com/ insolublog

    So Gregory got a gun-walking reprieve, in part, for political expediency. We get it.

  • Kurt Harlacher

    This is getting more press in the MSM than Benghazi! I guess gun control is higher on the agenda than 4 dead Americans.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dangit Daniel Gonzalez