As we pointed out earlier today, a number of tweeters noted that Meet the Press is taped in Washington DC, where it is illegal to possess a high-capacity ammunition magazine.

Here’s David Gregory on Meet the Press this morning (view the video here).


There is no exception in the law for media. Unless that is a fake clip, it appears that Gregory violated DC’s law.

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  • freeinaz

    Laws are for the little people, liberals, especially journalists are exept.

  • Jim_Lakely

    What a brave journalist, willing to break the law to get the story … or simply have a prop for some TV grandstanding. Courage.

  • Guest

    #GunControlLawsOnlyAffectThoseThatObeyTheLaw -See how easy it is for someone to break those laws?

  • Steve_J

    Where’d he get the clip?

  • FFlintstone

    Anyone who supports Obama politically doesn’t have to follow the laws. This is a 3rd world dictatorship under Obama. When Obama doesn’t want to enforce a law, he just says he’s “prioritizing resources”.

  • [email protected]

    These laws are only meant for the goyim. The do not apply to David Gregory’s tribe.

  • scrubjay

    Press charges against David Gregory for possession of a 30-round, high capacity assault rifle magazine in Washington D.C

    Sign the petition:

    • joewest666

      Screw your petition .. file a complaint with the police and bring him to trial.

      • scrubjay

        Not sure why you first called the petition a “civil suit” and then edited it to correct your error. You may not be clear on the concept. The DC police are already proceeding with the investigation. The petition is to let the president, the DC officials and NBC know that there is broad public awareness of the case and to keep pressure on to insure that Gregory is prosecuted.

        • joewest666

          IF you as a citizen witness a flagrant violation of the law do you not have legal redress of some manner?

          I would thing I could effect a citizens arrest on Gregory if he had the item on his person and deliver him to the police.

          Maybe not how it would go down in reality but fun to think about none the less.

  • Mark

    If they did not get an exemption for show and tell, and opted to have the real thing instead of showing a picture,he should be convicted to the whole extent of the law. Plaxaco paid the price for being stupid in New York. So should Gregory, then maybe these stupid laws will be taken off the books.

  • Lisa Dean

    Thank you David Gregory for showing that any dumb*ass can gain access to a gun or gun accessory illegally.