You learn a lot by following progressives on Twitter. When Vice President Joe Biden was dispatched to the University of Illinois to speak to students about the “It’s On Us” campaign, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan specifically requested of the audience, “If somebody tells you they’ve been a victim of sexual assault, I want you to believe them.”

This directive came just months after the (falsified) account of the horrifying gang rape of “Jackie” that was published in Rolling Stone led writer Zerlina Maxwell to offer similar advice via the Washington Post:

Not to mention that the TSA has been accused of sexual assault plenty of times: Mythbuster Adam Savage complained about being fondled every time he flies.

Author, radio and TV host Dana Loesch might disagree vigorously with that assessment, as would others.

Big boy? Are we body shaming too now? Even Stickland’s fellow legislators have gotten in on that one.

Assuming it is all a joke, rape jokes can be funny in the right context, according to the experts. Until we learn more, though, we present Stickland and his jokester followers with the That’s Not Funny award.