We at Twitchy have been using the term “gun grabbers” quite a bit lately, and to be fair, it’s not quite accurate. First, no one’s actually “grabbing” guns yet. (Hmm … wonder why?) Second, grabbing isn’t quite so much what’s going on as a steady chipping away of not just Second Amendment rights but reality. Piers Morgan invited Alex Jones into the spotlight last night to demonstrate to America “what a normal gun advocate is like.” In the meantime, normal gun advocates are quietly going about their business while being “outed” for following the law — something which makes them “assholes,” according to Gawker.

As the media go about using their First Amendment protections to chisel away the Second Amendment, a man named Larry Ward has launched Gun Appreciation Day. On Jan. 19, he urges Americans to “line up ‘around the block’ at gun stores, gun counters, gun shows, and gun ranges to protest the Obama administration’s post Sandy Hook assault on gun rights.” Those lines have already formed, but Ward appeared on MSNBC today with Martin Bashir so that the media’s bashing of gun owners could continue. Let’s hear what the “reasonable” people have to say.





Actually, it probably will end well. So, Gun Appreciation Day is too soon after Newtown, too close to the inauguration, too close to Martin Luther King’s birthday, and there’s a black man in the White House. Which date exactly would be OK with the anti-gun crowd?