We have become resigned to hearing how just about any occurrence that has a negative impression will be declared as having a unique and deeper impact on minorities. The pandemic, wildfires, net neutrality — whatever crisis that exists, it is always promised that blacks or other minorities are affected even worse.

Well Sen. Ed Markey is here to add to the list of inequitable atrocities — heatwaves.

Yes, we are witnessing the injustice of summer. Now, we here at Twitchy do not have meteorologists on staff, but it seems slightly improbable that a city can be experiencing 80-degree temperatures in some locations, while other neighborhoods a short distance away are cresting over one hundred.

One thing is for sure — the weather sure sounds highly intolerant.

It’s like the old quandary about thermos bottles keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot — how does it know the difference?!?!

There is clear aggression taking place in the coming months. It seems obvious what the hateful entity in this aggression is, and action needs to be taken.

Maybe we could blame physics, as being hateful.

This brings us to another paradox. What happens in 6 months?

This kind of stunted thinking from our politicians gives us the chills — which might be his solution to this problem after all.