Recall the comedy that was witnessed when Taylor Lorenz, from the New York Times, was accusing Tucker Carlson of ”attacking” her for the grievous act of — using her NYT bio picture, and name on the air? Well, it seems that odd standard remains in place, with Julia Ioffe now instituting this effort.

In a piece of news this week that is both ridiculous and perfectly revealing, CNN has announced that they have signed Natasha Bertrand away from Polito to serve as their new intelligence reporter.

This despite her career littered with many falsely attributed stories.

She was a loud proponent of the Russian collusion scandal and a big fan of the Steele Dossier. She was pushing hard that the Hunter Biden laptop story was driven by Russian disinformation, giving news outlets cover to not report on the story. And, on the topic of fake Russian stories, she was also a prominent voice of outrage over the Russian bounties scandal-that-wasn’t.

This is the resume of someone worthy to be demoted to working for Grit, not getting promoted up the journalism chain. But as Glenn Greenwald details in an excellent piece on Substack, this is a pattern in media — these major ethical problems are the kinds of things that help you fail upward.

But in his criticism of Bertrand’s record, Greenwald committed a major sin; he criticized a female! Thankfully Julia Ioffe was on the scene, to call him out on this major sin.

Annnnd…Ms. Ioffe seems to have a thing for reflexively charging sexism.

Is it not sexist to suggest that women in politics are too fragile to be subjected to challenges and criticism?

This brings us to a bizarre reality — these reporters who are pushing for men to be able to compete in female sports are at the same time saying women cannot be criticized in the arena of politics.

And as it happens, when Lorenz attacks young ambitious women there is nothing to be heard in the way of criticism.

Then there is another detail in this reaction.

Wait, I’m sorry, what is that? That ”young, ambitious” label is not completely accurate?!

Well, this is something else. But what about that piece from Glenn?

Julia here is hoping you do not actually read Greenwald’s article, because before he even gets to Bertrand he mentions a number of males who committed a number of very similar journalistic missteps.


Then Glenn weighed in on the matter, with a telling detail. Julia Ioffe, who is railing at Greenwald for being critical of Bertrand, was herself vocally critical of Bertrand in the past — over the very professional missteps that Glenn was mentioning.

Then he provided this Twitter nugget.

So hateful and intolerant, Julia. Shameful.